A Healthy Pet, A Healthy Family

A Healthy Pet A Healthy Family
To most individuals, it is hard to keep up with their health and care and thus knowing how to maintain their pets best is a bit confusing. Having a healthy pet will mean having a happy and healthy family too. You cannot risk your children contracting some of those dangerous diseases from domestic animals. Keep your companion healthy and happy by following the following tips.

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Regular examination

Just like a person, pets need regular check up. Your pet can develop heart problems, a toothache or even have arthritis. The ideal way to prevent them is if they are noted early enough. You can do this by visiting the veterinarian each year. Annual visits to the veterinarian touch on both nutrition and weight control. The vet can recommend vaccinations and parasite control as well as perform health screening.

Spay and neuter the pet

Many pets nowadays end up in pet shelters each year. Some have been abandoned. Others are lost while others are homeless. The best way to prevent adding on this number is by spaying and neutering your pet, and this is a procedure you can perform as early as eight weeks of age.

The process does not cut down the number of unwanted pets, but it is beneficial to your pet. It reduces the risk of cancer and danger of getting lost thus no tendency to roam.

Prevent Parasites

The most common pet parasite is the flea, and it can cause skin irritation, hot spots infection and hair loss. Fleas can also introduce other parasites to your pets as all it takes is for the pet to swallow one flea and end up with other parasites like tapeworms and other internal parasites. The best prevention is regular pest control and performing heartworm prevention in endemic areas.

Maintain healthy weight

Some people have neglected their pets, and they are left overweight or obese. Just like in human beings, obesity in pets poses high threats like cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. The primary cause of obesity is over-feeding your pet, and a study has shown that keeping your pet trim can increase its life span. Reduce the calories intake you offer to your pet so as to achieve this.

Get regular vaccinations

For maximum health, pets need routine vaccinations against common diseases like canine hepatitis, distemper, rabies and feline leukemia. The pet will require injections depending on its age, health, lifestyle and environmental risks.

Provide the pet with an enriched environment

The environment is another essential key to the health and welfare of your feline and canine companions. Pets are animals and require mental stimulation, and this could include daily walks, toys, post scratching and window perches. This means they need play time with you, which keeps the pets toned and keeps boredom at bay.

Microchip the pet

Lack of identification increases the risk of the pet getting lost. Fortunately, micro chipping has helped many pet owners by allowing the pets to reunite with their owner no matter how far they are when found. If the pet is with its owners, it means that it is happy and no risks of getting sick.

Contact to Coral Ridge Animal Hospital and book an appointment with a veterinarian today. Help your pet live a healthy and energetic life, and this will ensure your family is healthy and happy too!

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