Helping Your Dog Get Through Your Divorce

helping your dog get through your divorceDo not forget to think about your beloved dog when you are getting a divorce. Pets are members of the family too.

Divorce and Your Dog

Unfortunately, the divorce rate in Ft. Lauderdale is fairly high. Like most of the nation, a fair percentage of marriages here will end badly.

If you are thinking about a divorce or already in the process, do not forget to consider the effect on your dog. Just as divorces affect children, they also cause dogs to undergo stress. The loss of a family member is tough on everyone. To help you better handle the situation, here are some important things you should do to help your dog survive your divorce.

Avoid Fighting

You might feel a bit betrayed or hurt for some reason. Maybe your soon-to-be former spouse cheated on you. Or, perhaps, they decided to end things, while you wanted to remain together. Regardless of the reason, you will want to avoid fighting as much as possible.

Arguments affect your dog more than you may know. Dogs are very much aware of your emotions. When you are happy, so are they. Likewise, if you are depressed and angry, they will take on the same emotion.

The best course of action is to collaborate with your spouse on the divorce. Seek professional mediation. This type of divorce is non-adversarial. All parties can walk away feeling respected and that they had their voices heard. Doing so will make both you and your dog happier.

Set Up Visitation Times

Just as divorcing parties set up a co-parenting agreement, you should have a co-dog owning agreement. Put visitation times in writing so that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities. Above all, never prevent the other family member from spending quality time with the dog as a form of payback. Last, if at all possible, allow the dog to continue living in the current home. A sense of continuity is important for them during this time of change.

Keep Familiar Items Around

Both former spouses should have a few things, such as clothes or furniture, that the other person used frequently. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell. If the dog has to relocate, keeping these things around will make the new surroundings feel more comfortable. On the other hand, if staying at the current home, the familiar items will help the dog deal with the departure of the other family member.

Get the Dog Medical Help

If you believe your dog has become depressed, then you need to get them some medical attention. Stop by Coral Ridge Animal Hospital, your Fort Lauderdale veterinarian, to discuss ways to combat animal depression.

Dr. Arch Gordon, the veterinarian, has been practicing since 1991 and has seen many such cases. He and his team of veterinary technicians, Stephanie and Maria, can perform diagnostic testing to ascertain just what is wrong with your dog.

To get started, stop by the office or call to speak with either Lauren or Sara in the Client Relations Department.

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