Keeping Your Dog Happy While You’re At Work

Even though you probably want to spend more time than you do with your dog, we all know how hard it is when you’ve got other things on your plate. Most people who have dogs also have children, work, and a slew of other responsibilities.
This naturally means that your dog will end up spending large chunks of their day at home by themselves. And like anyone who would have to spend most of their time alone at home, this can be a boring and sad existence. Your dog would much rather be with you, or at least, they want to do something fun and constructive!

One of the biggest chunks of time that your dog will inevitably spend alone is while you’re at work, so let’s focus there.

Here are some great ideas for keeping your dog busy and happy while you’re away at work each day!

How to Keep Your Dog Busy and Happy While You’re at Work

1. Make sure there are open windows where your dog can see out.

You may have already noticed that your dog loves looking out the window or door. However, some dog owners forget and don’t make the proper accommodations for their dogs to be able to look outside. Make sure that there are windows where your dog can see outside. You might even consider putting a cushion up on a window ledge where a small dog could sit and look out.

2. Fill a toy with peanut butter.

There are numerous toys on the market that have strategic holes in them where you can put peanut butter and other treats. These are like puzzles for your dogs. They can bat them around the house and stick their tongues in as far as they can go to get the treats, and the toys can end up occupying your dog for hours.

3. Consider a doggy daycare.

Doggie day cares exist just like regular children’s day cares. You drop your dog off in the morning on your way to work and pick them up on your way home. Generally speaking, there will be walks, fun toys, the company of other dogs, and places for your dog to run at the daycare center.

These centers can be rather expensive, but there is always the option of taking your dog to a daycare center just 2 to 3 times a week to let them get out and have some fun away from the house.

4. Get a new friend for your dog.

Lastly, consider bringing a new animal friend into your home. Naturally, another dog would be the animal that makes the most sense, but if your dog gets along well with cats, a feline may be a nice friend for your dog to have as well.

Getting another animal is a large responsibility, and you should only do it if you have the means. With that being said, this is absolutely the best option for keeping your dog happy and busy while you’re at work. The two animals will be able to play together and bond, and just like humans do with other humans, your dog will truly appreciate the company and companionship!

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