Keep the Holidays Safe for Your Best Friends

Keep the Holidays Safe for Your Best Friends - Coral Ridge Animal Hospital - Ft Lauderdale, FLThis time of year is always a wonderful part of our lives and our pets play an integral role in our celebrations . We want them with us, near us and included in our festivities. To help keep the holidays safe remember the following:

Holiday foods can be dangerous!–Chocolates, caffeines, and artificial sweeteners can be toxic to be pets so avoid sweets, chocolates and candies.

Cooked chicken and turkey bones can splinter causing choking and bleeding so avoid them. Kong toys, booda bones and deer antlers are good safe alternatives.

Be sure trash can lids are on tight so that your dog or cat can’t get into things they shouldn’t

Many Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe , holly, and lilies are toxic to dogs and cats so be sure they cannot chew on them .

Don’t leave lit candles where Fido or Fluffy can knock them over or burn themselves.

If you do have a Tree in your house be sure the lower ornaments are non breakable and that all cords are tucked away where they cannot be chewed on.

Happy Holidays!
Dr G and the whole staff at Coral Ridge Animal Hospital

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