What Kind of Dog Food Does a Puppy Need?

what kind of dog food does a puppy needFor those who have raised kids before, they know that the first experience can be shocking. Babies don’t come with a manual and many new parents are unsure of who to go to for help, what kind of bed to use, and when to feed their baby. Furthermore, many parents have questions about what kind of food they should be giving their baby.

Is one better than the other? The same can be said of pet owners the first time they get a puppy. After all, puppies are still young and growing. Surely, there is a certain type of puppy food that is appropriate. For pet owners wondering what kind of food to give their puppy, a few important points should not be overlooked.

Here are 3 tips when choosing the right dog food for your puppy!

1. Check the Calorie Content

Many people are confused by the calorie labels that wind up on the back of food products. Because puppies are still growing, they need food that is denser in calories than adult dog food. About half of a puppy’s calories are spent purely on tissue growth and development; however, puppies cannot eat as much as older dogs because they are smaller in size. For this reason, people need to read the label and make sure that the food has not only more calories in the bag but also more calories per ounce (or pound) of food. This will help ensure that the puppy is able to eat the volume of food it needs to grow up properly.

2. Remember that Breeds of Dogs are Different

Just as puppies need different calories than their adult counterparts, different dog breeds also require different caloric intakes. Smaller dogs do not need the same number of calories as larger dog breeds, nor can they eat as much. Therefore, read the labels on puppy food to make sure that it is both meant for puppies and meant for that dog breed. A Great Dane will require more calories than a Pomeranian and pet owners should make sure that their puppy gets the food that was intended for their breed.

3. Check the Size of the Food Pellets

In addition to the breed and the caloric density, pet owners need to ensure that their dog is actually able to ingest the food that is placed in front of it. Puppies may not have the strength to break apart some of the harder pellets, particularly if they cannot get their jaws around it. Purchasing wet food could be a better option for people with dogs that struggle to break apart larger chunks. Remember that there are multiple options and pet owners must find a food their dog can ingest.

Ultimately, puppies are different from fully grown dogs and people need to make sure that the food they invest in and feed their puppy has the right nutritional content to ensure that puppies, like their human counterparts, grow up to be big and strong. Make sure to read the labels on the puppy food to ensure that it has all of the necessary ingredients. The puppy will thank you by growing into a happy adult dog.

Consult with your Fort Lauderdale veterinarian on the best food products for your puppy!

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