Benefits Of A Pet Nutritional Counselor

benefits of a pet nutritional counselorA pet needs to maintain a weight in order to be healthy, but sometimes this can be a challenge. Thankfully, the veterinarians at Coral Ridge Animal Hospital can provide you with the assistance you need to help your pet lose weight. Here are the reasons why seeking nutritional counseling for your pet can be of great benefit to you both.

4 Benefits Of Nutritional Counseling For Your Pet

It Gets Rid of the Guesswork

Your pet’s nutritional needs will be different from other animals, and there is no single approach that can be applied to every single one. Your nutritional counselor will give you information based on your pet’s species, breed, and his or her age to determine an appropriate weight. If your pet is currently overweight, your nutritional counselor can develop a diet plan, and they can recommend a suitable exercise program your pet can follow.

Helps With Disease Prevention or Mitigation

Certain conditions can be caused or exacerbated by your pet’s weight. Managing your pet’s weight can help your pet to avoid additional suffering, and it can also keep your pet’s veterinary bills down. Taking action now will improve your pet’s chances at having a longer life, and this is reason enough to seek the advice of a nutritional counselor.

Provides Assistance with Understanding Food Labels

In today’s world, not all information is equal. There are many people who will claim that one type of food is healthful for your pet, when in fact the opposite may be true. Your nutritional counselor can answer questions you may have about feeding your pet raw food, and they can warn you of the potential health hazards of this popular trend. In addition, he or she can advise you of how to manage your pet’s allergies and intolerances.

Not all pet food companies produce high quality food, and you may have difficulty navigating through the morass of pet food labels, as many will contain outrageous health claims. Your nutritional counselor can advise you as to what type of food you should be providing, how often to feed your pet, and in what quantities. He or she can steer you toward pet food providers whose production process and food is of a high quality, and you can discuss how to avoid food that has possibly been contaminated with foodborne illness.

It Will Provide Other Health Benefits

Your pet’s immune system will receive a boost by reducing weight and by increasing their intake of healthful foods. They may become less lethargic, and you may find your pet more energetic and more able to engage in more robust play. Your pet’s coat will likely also appear fuller and more sleek, and he or she will also enjoy a greater ability to digest the food you provide. If your pet has arthritis, the strain to the joints will be less, and his muscle tone will be enhanced.

If pet nutritional counseling is something you are interested in, you can seek out more information by scheduling an appointment with ourveterinarian in Fort Lauderdale and request a nutritional counseling session.

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